London Boy | Johnny Mack | The Assassin Conclusion

 This week Johnny Mack concludes his amazing, true life encounter with assassination to London Boy Film followers. He explains how politics and crime came together and created a deadly outcome !!

The Assassin – Conclusion

 Top secret file. MOSSAD Isreal's political assassination squad


Fred was face down on the bed with my pal sitting astride him with the barrel of his gun pushed into neck. I needed time to think about our situation because it seemed we were now part of some elaborate hoax or set-up. I wanted answers and I wanted them now because this was nowhere near what we were meant to be doing. I now had a pile of bodies in the next room and if we were caught in the place the only thing we had to look forward to was our execution.

Billy was in his element and had already robbed each of the bodies while in the bathroom. My pal went berserk after he caught Billy going too far. He was found cutting a finger off one of the bodies to get a diamond ring that was attached to one of his digits. He reminded Billy by telling him that he was leaving forensics behind by touching the bodies. But while Bill was robbing them he also took their passports and other forms of ID. What I found that was odd was that these geezers were all different nationalities and one of them even had letters behind his name. My other pal who was still sat astride Fred asks me what were we going to do with him. We had sets of handcuffs, which we intended to use while making our getaway, so I told him to cuff the bastard. He was the only person in the room who could give us the answers. The geezer who was cuffed to the pipe in the bathroom started wailing, even Billy’s menacing face and death threats couldn’t shut him up. I suppose what with Billy cutting the finger off one of his dead pals didn’t help. So Bill gagged him and handcuffed his hands behind his back.

I told one of the lads to go get Tony and to get the door frame bodged up after we had kicked it in. The last thing we needed was someone seeing the damaged door and reporting a break-in. Luckily for us it was still pissing it down with thunder and lightening, leaving the complex quiet with no one about. After Tony came in and got over the shock of what went down he started on fixing the door frame.

I went outside with my pal to have a chat about our predicament to try to get some sort of plan together. It was decided before I talk with Fred I’d phone home and talk with our firm back in London. I instructed my pal to gag Fred and no one was to talk with him until I got back. I wanted answers from our end before I spoke with him because after what had just gone down meant he could not be trusted. I made my way to a pay phone and to be extra safe I used one a mile or two from our location. The region where we were at, if you wanted to make an overseas phone call, it had to go via an operator. To be safe I phoned a local pub our firm frequented and because of the time difference I had to wake the landlord in the middle of the night. Once he stopped moaning about being woken up I gave him an urgent message for a certain person to call me back pronto.

I waited an hour or so before the phone rang. On the other end of the line was our boss’s number two. I explained everything that had gone down and it was a shocker that he didn’t seem too surprised. Angrily I barked at him that my crew and I had been set up and I wanted an explanation. His reply was for me to calm down, watch my tongue and then I was given a quick lecture on respect. I lowered my tone after taking a few deep breaths to regain my composure. He tells me that if he told us the truth at the start about this work, would I have said yes to it? I chose to ignore his question and talking through gritted teeth I asked him what was to be my next move. After all I hadn’t anticipated a pile of dead bodies waiting for me when entering the room. He replied not to worry about the bodies because the cleaners would take care of that side. I asked him “What was I meant to do with our so-called Fred?” “Nothing, do you understand what I’m saying Mack, do nothing, let him finish his job?” There was a pause from me because my brain was going round and round like a washing machine on full spin. “Mack, Mack are you still there?” “Yeah, yeah I’m still here.” He then says to me “You haven’t done anything stupid, like set that mad bastard Billy on him have you?” I told him he was fine apart from being chained up, where he tells me when I get back to unchain him so he could finish the job. Blatantly I asked what was all this about whereby he replies “It’s political Mack, way out of your depth my son.” “Who’s the fucker left alive, what’s his part in all this?” “Listen to me Mack, when you get back Fred will explain everything to you, so you best get your skates on son because there are others on their way.” “Others! Whose side are they on?’’ “Talk to Fred Mack and he’ll fill you in on everything, oh just one more thing don’t forget the money will you son?” “What about the artefacts’?” “They are Fred’s but the cash is ours, he’ll give you instructions on how to get it home okay?” Then the phone went dead; standing in the phone box I felt something that I don’t usually feel and that was fear. It was mainly due to the fact that I did not have control of this operation. It now seemed I was in the hands of a guy who had just whacked a tub-full of people and there were more of his kind on the way…it was that I feared. With our end saying it was political, you didn’t have to be Einstein to realise that the Jewish connection was the main factor in what was going down here.

When I arrived back at the complex the main car park was four inches underwater. The drains couldn’t handle the amount of rain that was pissing down and water mixed with sewage was spewing out of them. Even though I was only ten yards from the room, I was absolutely drenched by the time I got inside.

My pal says to me if I got things sorted? “Not exactly, but I know more once I talk with Fred” I undone his cuffs and removed his gag, then pulled a chair up for him to sit on. I leaned forward so that my face was only inches from his. “Right Fred I’m told you are to explain everything to me, including how we get this money out of the country. What he came out with was way out of our league, that part our bosses got right. He explained that he was an agent of Mossad the Israeli secret service. His job was to track down war criminals and bring them to justice. I asked who the other guy was, where he tells me that he was the son of a well-known Nazi who murdered thousands of Jews during World War II. Once the war was over him and quite a few others fled to Argentina and lived off their gains they stole from the Jews who were sent to the death camps. What he said made a lot of sense especially him single-handedly wiping out bar one in that room. This I did know about Israeli agents, that they were trained assassins. I told him that I was puzzled as to why we were there when he had completed the job single-handedly. “Back up Mack back up if things went wrong” Still puzzled I said to him “Are you telling me that your lot are allowing us to take the cash in that case even though we haven’t done anything.” “Yes my friend, all we want is that Nazi pigs son and the artefacts” “But why us?” Fred explained that one of our bosses was Jewish and had supported their cause to bring these pigs to justice for many years. “What will happen to him now that you have him? He tells me that now that they have him he will lead us to his father? Billy pipes up and says what you actually mean is that you’re going to torture the bastard until he spills the beans. Fred just nodded raising his eyebrows, which without doubt meant a yes.

Time was now rolling along and I didn’t want us to be there when these other characters turned up. I asked Fred what was the plan to get us out and away from this blood bath. He had written down instructions for us to make our way to an old disused airfield way out of the way and there would be a twin engine plane. The idea was to fly us to an adjoining country where we would be met by one of Fred’s associates. “What about the money how does that get home to good old blighty?” He explained that the money would be passed on to a courier who had connections to a well-known airline. Once we arrived back in the UK only I was to book into a hotel next to the airport; it would be there that the courier would return the money. I let him know that I wasn’t too happy about the arrangement because I wasn’t being given a choice in what was going on. Fred assured me that the arrangements were solid and those people who were high up in his organization had put everything together. Fred then went on to ask us all for our passports so he could stamp them all with an entry into the adjoining country. From there we were to split up and fly back home in pairs on different airlines and landing at different airports.

When we left the UK we went by land transport by driving through Europe that had no border check points. Once we came to the point of entry close to the country where we’re at, we were smuggled in. But now I knew Mossad were involved I realized how we got through so easily. They had worked it brilliantly because according to our passports we had driven through Europe and only went as far as the adjoining country. Overall a Government secret department was looking after us. Now I understood what our boss said about this work being political.

I won’t bore you with the details about our trip home apart from that we made it back safely and I was reunited with the cash exactly how Fred said it would be.

Now I’ve been on some amazing jobs during my criminal career, but this one had bitten the bullet as being the most unusual piece of work I have ever done. However I was angry at being hoodwinked throughout, but I soon calmed down when collecting my share of the proceeds. But saying that, the amount I received didn’t last me more than two years; yeah I had a great time spending it. I foolishly invested in a timeshare scam and lost a bundle when it came on top. That was just one of many stupid things I invested my money in. But I believe today ill-gotten gains never go right especially if you invest it into other dodgy scams.

Today my life is completely different, so different that I sometimes find it hard to recognize the person I am writing about. When “London Boy” the movie about my life hits the screens, you’ll see how from a kid how I got into the criminal fraternity and where it took me. If I am to be honest I feel ashamed of some of the things I got involved with. I have made amends to many people especially my family for bringing trouble to the door. By making amends it didn’t all go my way, some people just slammed the door in my face or wouldn’t believe that someone like me could change. But my consolation is that I was willing to try and say sorry even if my apologies were accepted or not. I now help others who are starting out on the path I once walked. This is for me turning all that negativity in my life into positive energy that helps others to halt going along that path. I have one thing in common with those that I help today and that is I have been where they are today. That helps them to relate to me because I understand where their at.

I’ve paid my debt to society, but that seemed that wasn’t enough because something very special intervened in my life and in doing so gave me a purpose in life.

Take care guys

Ta la for now



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    Thanks for sharing Jhonny Awesome what you are now doing with your life. Amazing journey mate Tony

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