Hi guys, as you all know “London Boy” is a winner. When it was in book format (Dunpeckham) the reviews mainly referred to it, not only a great read but it should be adapted to the big screen. Well, that has now been done and the end result is a beautifully written screenplay.
The script was written by award winning P/D Lee Hutcheon and myself. We worked on LB for over a year and I can assure you it was no easy task to condense three decades into a script. Lee was my mentor when it come to writing screen plays, his methods were totally unorthodox-in fact unique. His way of writing reminded me of a cross between Tarantino and Guy Ritchie” and we all know what it’s like when either of them release a movie.
My point being what we have with London Boy in script format is gold dust but only to the right production company. Since my last post, I have been very busy meeting up with people in the business. To be frank most were offering unobtainable promises purely to keep us interested and no doubt to line their own pockets for doing nothing. Over the years especially in the criminal fraternity I’ve met the cream of con artists, so picking one out was never a problem for me. However since going straight and coming into this business it seems there are more con artist then there are in the underworld. Believe me they opened my eyes especially when it came to them giving me a good line of patter. But having been around a while, mixing in with the honest people of this business I can recognise these sharks.
So you can understand it is not easy to find the right people when it comes to pitching our script. However I have just had a good meet with a very reliable contact who knows people that are keen in finding material such as our genre.
As Lee quite rightly put it… “Aye laddie (He’s Scottish” it’s the best work I have ever produced) Of course I had to remind him of my part in the project ha ha.
When you have a money spinner, you don’t go given it away to the first person with a cheque book. What these people have to vision is that with Lee directing they will be investing in a similar type of Tarantino cross Ritchie creation.
I’ll finish on this note… London boy the script has only been in the hands of four people. One we accepted but he sadly died and the other three, all reputable producers but in a nutshell lacked the vision required. Yet another hundred or so wanted a look, but they did not cut the mustard and were shown the door.
Once the right person/s land on the same page as Lee and I only then will we let them read this masterpiece…and that could be happening pretty soon.