Johnny Mack Author & Screenplay Writer

I think it only best that an introduction to the man Johnny Mack himself come initially from a third-party. I’ve been a personal friend of Mack for over eight years now. Which coincided with the beginning of his current literary and film making journey. The fact that “London Boy” the film based upon his life  is now a certainty to be made. In this simple testimony I want to empathise on the hard graft undertaken by Mack throughout this time and to get this far!

Johnny’s a switched on geezer, always grafting for a coin and a better existence. You’ve only got to read books upon his life to see that it’s just how he is made. It often takes a  salesman to spot another and Johnny Mack can sell anything and if need be at a premium . A proper Cockney Del Boy. But with “London Boy” Johnny was quoted as saying “I don’t need to or even try hard to sell my story because of the raw honesty it portrays, it sells itself.”

In saying that Johnny has one of the kindest hearts in anyone I’ve ever known. Apart from writing scripts and novels he spends a lot of his free time at addiction support meetings, being personal mentor to those battling addictions. Let alone his voluntarily work, you’ll also find him counselling young offenders via the probation and local judiciary services.

God only knows he has counseled me when I’ve been, as Johnny calls it “Going through the emotional wringer” . He never offers advice or solutions, he only relates to his own life experiences and what he has learnt from them. It is that knowledge he shares with others.

The manner in which Johnny and Lee Hutcheon have transformed “Dunpeckham” into a unique well written British-crime feature screenplay is nothing more than magnificent. The difference is, they’ve created a British gangster movie like no other of it’s genre, it is truly phenomenal. A kray type film it is not. Instead it’s a rare insight into the workings of London’s underworld. The grooming of a young boy into the criminal fraternity being taught their old school codes of practices. The journey starts through the eyes of a vulnerable young boy concluding when he is a mid ranking ‘Face” and professional criminal.

The ground breaking filmmaking of “London Boy” has resulted in interest from international film studios and their executive decision makers to sit up and listen. They also clearly recognise both London Boy’s commercial appeal and therefore resultant value. Plus let’s not forget its mass appeal and commercial value.. 

It’s a fact London Boy’ has plenty of action scenes, armed robbery, extortion, violence and organised London based professional villainy etc, but with “London Boy” it shines upon the real human consequences while living such a crime driven life. Most importantly the movie focusses on the beginning of Johnny’s ‘Grooming’ to become part of the criminal fraternity. London Boy not only depicts the highs that crime gave Johnny. Far from it, because it also shows the rock bottom lows that came with his style of life. So yes it’s a gangster film of sorts but the main feature is more like a raw human tale of a child’s apprenticeship into organised crime. However, Johnny like I’ve said is a survivor.

His literary successes to date include:

Dunpeckham (2008)

Landed On The Moon (2010)

Memoirs of a Hitman 2013)

Johnny limes to term Memoirs, ‘Pulp faction” and it represents his first  foray into. Fictional novel authorship.


As well as penning these best sellers, Johnny spent 12 months guest writing in New York for a publishing & production house. As well as contributing to a prominent crime blog

I’ll be leaving the full story of Johnny Mack to the man himself. No doubt in his trade mark, inimitably cheeky style.The raw talent that saw him not only successfully get published 1st time out, but having his pick of publisher to boot. A street educated kid from Peckham!

The london boy gang

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Dunpeckham the autobiography that the film London Boy is based

Dunpeckham – the autobiography that London Boy is based on

Landed On The Moon Book Cover

Landed on the Moon Part two of John’s life   

London crime book about a hitman by Johnny Mack

Memoirs of a Hitman. The murderous story of a lone hitman caught up in London’s gangland while it feuds with each other. Another great book by Johnny Mack






London crime book about a hitman by Johnny Mack

Memoirs of a Hitman. The murderous story of a lone hitman caught up in London’s gangland while it feuds with each other. Another great book by Johnny Mack