London Boy – Lee Hutcheon Director

This site is all about the making of the forthcoming feature film London boy, which is based upon the first autobiography of Johnny Mack entitled “Dunpeckham”,  Lee Hutcheon the award winning indie film producer has joined the project and decided to collaborate with Johnny, so as to script write and produce a British crime genre movie that is unique to any other thus made. It is a stage by stage explanation as to how such a film is written, funded and then produced to completion.  This site will include a lot of video content.

Here is an initial quote from Lee Hutcheon as to his reason for getting involved and what he sees as the potential of London Boy as a unique opportunity to make a British crime film out of “Dunpeckham”.

Below this is a recent interview with Lee regarding his life and work thus far and will give you a god insight into the man himself and the passion he holds for film making.

“The first time I read ‘Dunpeckham’ (the book based on Johnny’s life) I instantly thought it read like a movie from the get go. The material instantly grabbed me because it’s palpable, … it’s real, you can really feel this stuff. This is also a very human story which takes us on a roller coaster journey right throughout Johnny’s life in a no holds barred biography charting the highs and lows of his upbringing and criminal career in South East London. I myself was able to identify with the story straight away. I could instantly relate to Johnny’s struggle and thought that he managed to capture each character in a very honest and humorous light.
Almost immediately I could see Johnny’s story in pictures and knew there and then that this film was going to bring something very different to the table. Our first step was to find a title that we thought had global appeal yet could be instantly recognisable as a British Gangster Film. After some toing and frowing we agreed on the title ‘London Boy’ as it really represents a lot about the story and highlights Johnny’s struggles as an innocent young child and his rise into a fully active London gangster.
Johnny and I decided to co-write the screenplay together and now that we are already getting right into the guts of the story we’re finding that the transition from book to screen is working extremely well indeed and is flowing with ease. Already we can see just by reading the screenplay that ‘London Boy’ will deliver it’s own unique style and is set to entertain global audiences in every way possible. The screenplay already has an original feel to it and is setting itself up to be one fantastic film. The locations where many of Johnny’s activities took place are still actually there so we will be using them in the film in amongst all other colourful South London back drops that appear throughout the story. We’re also excited about the prospect of introducing some fresh new exciting British acting talent through the film via the role of Johnny’s childhood character in amongst all other colourful roles.
The prospect of delivering a unique story in an original style using the best of British talent in the most authentic neighbourhood backdrops in London to create a gangster film that will push the envelope in every way possible is a very exciting prospect indeed.”







1 thought on “London Boy – Lee Hutcheon Director

  1. londonboycrimemovie Post author

    Working with such a master of filmmaking has been one hell of an experience. Lee is not happy unless he is trying new untried methods when filming. Where I am co writing the script with him, I’m learning from a film director who is way out in front from the others.
    Guy Ritchie, Tarantino and only a few others have had the ability to pull the impossible off. In my book Lee Hutcheon should and will be added to the greats of filmmaking.
    As for me the student, I am privileged to have the opportunity to learn first hand how to pull the impossible off.

    Johnny Mack

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