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London Boy | Johnny Mack | The Assassin Conclusion

 This week Johnny Mack concludes his amazing, true life encounter with assassination to London Boy Film followers. He explains how politics and crime came together and created a deadly outcome !!

The Assassin – Conclusion

 Top secret file. MOSSAD Isreal's political assassination squad


Fred was face down on the bed with my pal sitting astride him with the barrel of his gun pushed into neck. I needed time to think about our situation because it seemed we were now part of some elaborate hoax or set-up. I wanted answers and I wanted them now because this was nowhere near what we were meant to be doing. I now had a pile of bodies in the next room and if we were caught in the place the only thing we had to look forward to was our execution.

Billy was in his element and had already robbed each of the bodies while in the bathroom. My pal went berserk after he caught Billy going too far. He was found cutting a finger off one of the bodies to get a diamond ring that was attached to one of his digits. He reminded Billy by telling him that he was leaving forensics behind by touching the bodies. But while Bill was robbing them he also took their passports and other forms of ID. What I found that was odd was that these geezers were all different nationalities and one of them even had letters behind his name. My other pal who was still sat astride Fred asks me what were we going to do with him. We had sets of handcuffs, which we intended to use while making our getaway, so I told him to cuff the bastard. He was the only person in the room who could give us the answers. The geezer who was cuffed to the pipe in the bathroom started wailing, even Billy’s menacing face and death threats couldn’t shut him up. I suppose what with Billy cutting the finger off one of his dead pals didn’t help. So Bill gagged him and handcuffed his hands behind his back.

I told one of the lads to go get Tony and to get the door frame bodged up after we had kicked it in. The last thing we needed was someone seeing the damaged door and reporting a break-in. Luckily for us it was still pissing it down with thunder and lightening, leaving the complex quiet with no one about. After Tony came in and got over the shock of what went down he started on fixing the door frame.

I went outside with my pal to have a chat about our predicament to try to get some sort of plan together. It was decided before I talk with Fred I’d phone home and talk with our firm back in London. I instructed my pal to gag Fred and no one was to talk with him until I got back. I wanted answers from our end before I spoke with him because after what had just gone down meant he could not be trusted. I made my way to a pay phone and to be extra safe I used one a mile or two from our location. The region where we were at, if you wanted to make an overseas phone call, it had to go via an operator. To be safe I phoned a local pub our firm frequented and because of the time difference I had to wake the landlord in the middle of the night. Once he stopped moaning about being woken up I gave him an urgent message for a certain person to call me back pronto.

I waited an hour or so before the phone rang. On the other end of the line was our boss’s number two. I explained everything that had gone down and it was a shocker that he didn’t seem too surprised. Angrily I barked at him that my crew and I had been set up and I wanted an explanation. His reply was for me to calm down, watch my tongue and then I was given a quick lecture on respect. I lowered my tone after taking a few deep breaths to regain my composure. He tells me that if he told us the truth at the start about this work, would I have said yes to it? I chose to ignore his question and talking through gritted teeth I asked him what was to be my next move. After all I hadn’t anticipated a pile of dead bodies waiting for me when entering the room. He replied not to worry about the bodies because the cleaners would take care of that side. I asked him “What was I meant to do with our so-called Fred?” “Nothing, do you understand what I’m saying Mack, do nothing, let him finish his job?” There was a pause from me because my brain was going round and round like a washing machine on full spin. “Mack, Mack are you still there?” “Yeah, yeah I’m still here.” He then says to me “You haven’t done anything stupid, like set that mad bastard Billy on him have you?” I told him he was fine apart from being chained up, where he tells me when I get back to unchain him so he could finish the job. Blatantly I asked what was all this about whereby he replies “It’s political Mack, way out of your depth my son.” “Who’s the fucker left alive, what’s his part in all this?” “Listen to me Mack, when you get back Fred will explain everything to you, so you best get your skates on son because there are others on their way.” “Others! Whose side are they on?’’ “Talk to Fred Mack and he’ll fill you in on everything, oh just one more thing don’t forget the money will you son?” “What about the artefacts’?” “They are Fred’s but the cash is ours, he’ll give you instructions on how to get it home okay?” Then the phone went dead; standing in the phone box I felt something that I don’t usually feel and that was fear. It was mainly due to the fact that I did not have control of this operation. It now seemed I was in the hands of a guy who had just whacked a tub-full of people and there were more of his kind on the way…it was that I feared. With our end saying it was political, you didn’t have to be Einstein to realise that the Jewish connection was the main factor in what was going down here.

When I arrived back at the complex the main car park was four inches underwater. The drains couldn’t handle the amount of rain that was pissing down and water mixed with sewage was spewing out of them. Even though I was only ten yards from the room, I was absolutely drenched by the time I got inside.

My pal says to me if I got things sorted? “Not exactly, but I know more once I talk with Fred” I undone his cuffs and removed his gag, then pulled a chair up for him to sit on. I leaned forward so that my face was only inches from his. “Right Fred I’m told you are to explain everything to me, including how we get this money out of the country. What he came out with was way out of our league, that part our bosses got right. He explained that he was an agent of Mossad the Israeli secret service. His job was to track down war criminals and bring them to justice. I asked who the other guy was, where he tells me that he was the son of a well-known Nazi who murdered thousands of Jews during World War II. Once the war was over him and quite a few others fled to Argentina and lived off their gains they stole from the Jews who were sent to the death camps. What he said made a lot of sense especially him single-handedly wiping out bar one in that room. This I did know about Israeli agents, that they were trained assassins. I told him that I was puzzled as to why we were there when he had completed the job single-handedly. “Back up Mack back up if things went wrong” Still puzzled I said to him “Are you telling me that your lot are allowing us to take the cash in that case even though we haven’t done anything.” “Yes my friend, all we want is that Nazi pigs son and the artefacts” “But why us?” Fred explained that one of our bosses was Jewish and had supported their cause to bring these pigs to justice for many years. “What will happen to him now that you have him? He tells me that now that they have him he will lead us to his father? Billy pipes up and says what you actually mean is that you’re going to torture the bastard until he spills the beans. Fred just nodded raising his eyebrows, which without doubt meant a yes.

Time was now rolling along and I didn’t want us to be there when these other characters turned up. I asked Fred what was the plan to get us out and away from this blood bath. He had written down instructions for us to make our way to an old disused airfield way out of the way and there would be a twin engine plane. The idea was to fly us to an adjoining country where we would be met by one of Fred’s associates. “What about the money how does that get home to good old blighty?” He explained that the money would be passed on to a courier who had connections to a well-known airline. Once we arrived back in the UK only I was to book into a hotel next to the airport; it would be there that the courier would return the money. I let him know that I wasn’t too happy about the arrangement because I wasn’t being given a choice in what was going on. Fred assured me that the arrangements were solid and those people who were high up in his organization had put everything together. Fred then went on to ask us all for our passports so he could stamp them all with an entry into the adjoining country. From there we were to split up and fly back home in pairs on different airlines and landing at different airports.

When we left the UK we went by land transport by driving through Europe that had no border check points. Once we came to the point of entry close to the country where we’re at, we were smuggled in. But now I knew Mossad were involved I realized how we got through so easily. They had worked it brilliantly because according to our passports we had driven through Europe and only went as far as the adjoining country. Overall a Government secret department was looking after us. Now I understood what our boss said about this work being political.

I won’t bore you with the details about our trip home apart from that we made it back safely and I was reunited with the cash exactly how Fred said it would be.

Now I’ve been on some amazing jobs during my criminal career, but this one had bitten the bullet as being the most unusual piece of work I have ever done. However I was angry at being hoodwinked throughout, but I soon calmed down when collecting my share of the proceeds. But saying that, the amount I received didn’t last me more than two years; yeah I had a great time spending it. I foolishly invested in a timeshare scam and lost a bundle when it came on top. That was just one of many stupid things I invested my money in. But I believe today ill-gotten gains never go right especially if you invest it into other dodgy scams.

Today my life is completely different, so different that I sometimes find it hard to recognize the person I am writing about. When “London Boy” the movie about my life hits the screens, you’ll see how from a kid how I got into the criminal fraternity and where it took me. If I am to be honest I feel ashamed of some of the things I got involved with. I have made amends to many people especially my family for bringing trouble to the door. By making amends it didn’t all go my way, some people just slammed the door in my face or wouldn’t believe that someone like me could change. But my consolation is that I was willing to try and say sorry even if my apologies were accepted or not. I now help others who are starting out on the path I once walked. This is for me turning all that negativity in my life into positive energy that helps others to halt going along that path. I have one thing in common with those that I help today and that is I have been where they are today. That helps them to relate to me because I understand where their at.

I’ve paid my debt to society, but that seemed that wasn’t enough because something very special intervened in my life and in doing so gave me a purpose in life.

Take care guys

Ta la for now



London Boy | Johnny Mack | The Assassin Part 2

London Boy, Johnny Mack is back with the highly anticipated second part to his Assassin, true crime story. Johnny talks of how he and his “Firm” go on a “Piece of Work” abroad, but things don’t always go to plan !

Assassin | Part 2 

London Boy Johnny Mack talks of a firm of villains in the 1980's and a resulting assasination

The Assassin Part 2


Billy was one of our team I mentioned that was doing the odd line of gear. Not that he thought I knew about his antics. When Billy was under the influence his whole persona changed. That natural aggressive look he carried around with him disappeared, as did his grunting and growling. When he had a toot he would start talking a lot, mainly bullshit to the point where no one could get a word in. As soon as the gear started to wear off he’d be back to his usual miserable self. Tony who was the other user was a really clever guy when on a bit of work. He knew electrics, especially alarms like the back of his hand. He was also an excellent getaway driver, due to his participation in the sport of rally racing.
During the years I had known them, Billy and Tony never ever seemed to get on with one another. They had worked together as a team before because of their abilities. On this job I had to be careful where I placed them within the team. The last thing we needed was Billy going OTT because no doubt there would be blood.
The work we were about to do was for us to crash in on a dodgy artefact deal. The story behind the artefacts was interesting yet a sad one. During World War II the Nazis had looted anything of value from the Jewish community. This was the period after they invaded Poland and began rounding up the Jews who were then shipped off to the death camps. The sad part was that it wasn’t just adults, who were sent to these camps, but women and children as well. Without going in to too much detail these particular goods found there way to Argentina after the war when the Nazi officer escaped the clutches of the allies. They had been sitting in his mountain retreat located outside the main city. When the pig knew he was on his way out through illness he instructed his son to sell them on so his offspring would be looked after from the proceeds. Though the artefacts were not officially noted as stolen; they were not the kind of things you could take down to Christies to auction off. With anything like this a legit seller like Christies or Sotheby’s would do meticulous checks on the merchandise. If by chance something came up about them, then the whole lot could be seized. Proof of ownership was a definite must on this stuff otherwise no auction house in the world would touch them.
Our job seemed really simple; crash in while the deal was in motion, taking both the artefacts and cash. For me, this piece of work was like taking candy from a kid. There were to be seven people in all present, three were the seller and his henchman. The other four were the buyers including a dodgy art dealer to confirm the goods were genuine. My instructions were to get in and out as quick as possible without causing too much of a commotion. Sounds easy don’t it, but from experience I’d learned that nothing is ever that easy.
Our contact Fred was to be on the inside representing both, the seller and the buy team. He was also going to give us the nod via a pager signal when to gatecrash the deal. His part in this deal was being the middleman, so he wasn’t allied with either the buyers or the sellers.  With a deal of this scale it would be obvious that everyone would be nervous especially the seller. So Fred had to be sure that the cash and artefacts were inside the room before we came crashing through the door. Our job was to take complete control of everybody in that room then take the lot. It would be clear that both parties especially the henchmen would be armed and professional. No doubt they were hired help who were probably ex servicemen, so we couldn’t take any chances. Billy would be with me on the inside with my other guys except for Tony; he was to be outside in the van. Like I said Billy was a nasty piece of work when it came to the crunch and I know he would stand his ground if the going got tough. He and Tony still didn’t know the score yet, so I spoke to the pair of them separately a couple of hours before the work was to happen. I also let them both know that I knew they were using and if they used while on this job, their lives wouldn’t be worth bottling. Tony was easy to talk to, but Billy was an effort because he kept insisting he wasn’t using. I just made my point and reminded him of the consequences if he used and left it at that. Billy was insistent on using the Uzi machine pistol. Having Bill in a small room with an Uzi and lets say for some reason it kicked off…I doubt anyone would come out of there alive. It took all my patience to convince him that I wanted him to have one of the 45’s. I told him I needed him at the doorway and not to shoot anyone unless it was 100% necessary. I really had to drum it into him that I wanted this job to go off smoothly without having to shoot anyone. Our advantage was to surprise them before they could go for their weapons. Apart from that it was imperative none of the goods got damaged, another reason why Billy should not have the Uzi.
Fred paid us a visit to make sure we had understood everything that was going down. He also reminded us that if any shooting happened, not to shoot him. When he said that all eyes were on Billy, there was a brief silence before Bill says “Why the fuck is everyone looking at me?” Fred had noticed our eye contact with Billy and said “He-does-understand-yes?’’ Fuck me; Bill was all up for shooting Fred on the spot because he thought he was belittling him. I had to roar at Billy and told him to fuck off outside or I would put a bullet in his thick skull if he carried on kicking off. Like a naughty schoolboy he sulks out of the door shuffling his feet and slamming the door behind him. Fred was not English, so now you know why we thought the name he used was amusing. After Billy left the room Fred says “Is-he-the-crazy-one-you-spoke-of?” It was then that Tony says “Only on a full moon” From the bottom of the stairs we heard Billy shout “I fucking heard that you cunt, I don’t need a full moon for you Tony.” I told Fred not to worry and explained the two didn’t see eye-to-eye and again reassured him they wouldn’t be in the same room when it kicked off.
Fred told me that I had to bell our firm back in London, so I drove a few miles and found a public payphone. The first thing I was asked was if Billy was behaving himself. They did not know about Billy and Tony having the odd line, but knew there was conflict between them. If they had known then they would have been booted straight off the team or worse still taken for a one-way trip. As I’ve already said these geezers were brought up on old school principles and that included not tolerating drug users.
When I arrived back after making my call the lads were getting ready for the off. We were to wear overalls and clown masks when we went in. Our personal belongings were left in our safe cars that were parked up a few miles away. Our escape route was planned to the tee and we were to split up into two groups, each using different forms of transport. At least that way if it came on top, one group would make it home. The artefacts and cash were to take another route home. Even those details I had no idea of, probably to make sure they got back okay. I suppose the less people knowing the route, increased the chance of the goods getting to their destination. And for us it was imperative the goods got back because they were paying our fee.
Tony set off first and parked the van up in a designated spot just up the road from the job. He to had a pager and on signal he would bring the van up to the outside once we were ready to leave the building. The remainder of us sat in the van, which was parked up in the courtyard while waiting for Fred’s signal. While we were sitting outside in our van the cleaners turned up to give the inside of the building a thoroughgoing over. This showed how professional the two firms we were working for.
Billy was playing with his gun while sitting next to me mumbling and growling. He was one aggravating bastard who could wind anybody up, especially when he starts twirling his gun on his forefinger like a gun slinger. One of the lads in the back of van snatched the gun off him and removed the magazine and the bullet in the chamber. Billy starts to complain when my pal says to him “You never even had the safety on you mad bastard” That done it for me and I went berserk by smashing Bill in the side of the head with the butt of my gun. Roaring at him I said you could have killed any one of us in the van all because you can’t sit still for half an hour. Billy surprisingly didn’t react; he just sat there nursing his head sulking like a two year old. I knew then at that moment that I should not have brought him on this bit of work.
It was an hour before my pager went off; a simple message telling us it was time. I started the van and made the short drive to the hotel complex where the deal was going down. As we drove in we done a 360% drive around the car parking area to make sure there was no one lurking outside. The weather was awful with rain coming down like a monsoon, which for us was perfect. The rain kept everyone off the concrete complex and the noise of it hitting the tin roofs made a deafening sound. There was to be no pausing from here on, it was straight out of the van then the ten-yard walk to the entrance of the room. Weapons drawn one of my pals and me both kicked the door in at exactly the same time. The force used to kick open the door was so fierce that it hit the inside wall and bounced straight back at us. If it hadn’t been for the fact that the door frame was busted I’m sure the door would have shut itself when it bounced back off the wall. I was the first one into the room with my two pals in tow. Billy stood just outside the now busted door keeping an eye out for police, staff etc. Now this is where this story gets weird because once we are in the room the first things I noticed was the amount of blood everywhere. There were trails of it leading into the bathroom also coats and briefcases were hanging over chairs. I heard Fred talking to someone who sounded petrified in a foreign language. Making my way to the bathroom entrance I noticed a half open briefcase full of cash and three boxes with what seemed like statues and small velvet sacks. I called out to Fred, who in turn asked me to come through into the bathroom. Now, my pals and I were totally confused. My pal says “No Fred you come out here to us” The three of us were now pointing our weapons at the bathroom doorway cocked and ready to fire. I heard clunking of metal along with a ratchet sound. My assumption was that the sound I was hearing were handcuffs being attached to a metal pipe. Fred pipes up and tells us he is coming out and is unarmed. I warned him to come out of the room backwards, arms raised. The door opens slowly and the three of us crouch down still pointing our weapons in the direction of the door. Fred emerges from the bathroom with his arms raised where I tell him to kneel keeping his hands up. My pals make a grab for Fred and push him face down on to the bed while I enter the bathroom. The sight in the bathroom made me vomit down the toilet.
Everyone was dead except for the geezer who was chained to the pipe. The dead were piled on top of each other in the bathtub and at the side lying amongst puddles of blood were an Uzi complete with silencer.
At that moment Billy comes in and sees all the carnage and is asking what the fuck has gone on. My pal says, “It seems our Fred had his own plan on dealing with this work” Bill goes into the bathroom and all we hear is him saying “Fucking hell, nice one Fred”
I pulled Fred up off the bed and told him to start explaining himself and what he tells us is unbelievable.
To find out the conclusion of this amazing story, check in next week where I’ll tell you how this story panned out.
Ta La for now

A Revolver never Jams !

London Boy | Johnny Mack | The Assassin Part 1

Well here it is London Boy fans, the new and highly anticipated version of Johnny’s ASSASSIN blog ! During Johnny’s trip to Goa, India, he found new inspiration and now feels it best to totally re-write this blog. He has done it in a way that the “London Boy” followers who have read the 1st version, will find this a seem less re-write and he has done so, as always, in his own inimitable style….Enjoy

London Boy Johnny Mack talks of a firm of villains in the 1980's and a resulting assasination

The Assassin Part 1


The story I’m about to tell you happened a long time ago and for legal reasons I cannot divulge what city let alone what country it happened in. However, for those of you who think you’ve guessed it after reading this. I can assure all you Sherlock’s out there that it did not happen here in the UK…or come to that neither did it happen in France, Spain or Holland etc. I think you’re getting the picture now, so any of you wearing a deer-stalker hat, robe coat, magnifying glass in hand and pipe… don’t waste your time trying to work it out okay? Oh’ and don’t email me either because all you’ll get as an answer, is what the old bill would get from me, “No reply.”

The main firm that I had been linked to since I was a kid had no idea that I was devising a plan to get out of this game once and for all. As I’ve mentioned a few times in previous blogs, I couldn’t just up and walk off into the sunset without they’re being any comebacks. So devising a plan was something I kept very close to my chest. Shame really, because there was once a time when I’ll have at least one geezer I could trust enough with all my secrets, no matter what. But now that drugs had hit the criminal scene, it not only changed how criminals worked, it was also slowly changing the criminal in ways that left little room for that honour and respect among villains. However, the team I was using on this work were the best I could muster from a dwindling list of the less from the best. At a time when I hated drug takers apart from the odd joint smoker, I wouldn’t tolerate users. I had walked away from some tasty work because I had found out one of the gang was using. They couldn’t be trusted could they? The old bill knew that only too well because as soon as they got hold of a user, they would leave him to sweat for 20 hours and then interview him. By then he would be like a singing soprano giving up everyone he’d worked with, past and present. I knew two of the lads were having a line or two but they were brilliant at their work and that’s why I tolerated them. But I kept them in the dark about everything so they couldn’t give too much away if caught. Also my escape plan was in action, which meant I was disappearing after this work was completed. That was how I justified having them on board because if it were under different circumstances, they wouldn’t have got a look in.

My share of the dough involved on this work would be enough to put my plan into action. I needed this piece of work to come off because even in my middle twenty’s I knew I was coming to the end of my criminal career. And by ‘The end’ I mean I’ll be either holding up a fly-over or doing a thirty stretch at one of the hate factories (Prisons) if I continued. If there were statistics, which I’m sure there are, they would read that gangsters don’t last too long one way or another. I was now a family man and my priorities had changed since I first joined the firm as a kid, Meaning my family now had to come first. Apart from that I had genuinely come to the conclusion that I had enough of the entire bollocks of taxing and extortion. Old school principles were now changing at an alarming rate; there was now more violence and putting the frighteners on people who just wanted to earn a crust. But regardless of how long it could take, I was slowly putting something together to get my arse out to live a new life as a family man. I got involved with the firm when I was just an impressionable ten-year-old kid. It wasn’t until I was in my middle twenties I realised this game wasn’t for me. So I had to wait patiently and bide my time until I had the perfect plan ready for my exit from the criminal fraternity.

Well, now that’s out of the way let’s get back to the story in hand because it’s a blinder !

Two of the guys on this bit of work had been grafting the pavement with me for about eighteen months. For those of you that don’t know what that means, well it’s a form of highway robbery, a bit like Dick Turpin, minus the musket and horse. Each job we pulled we would pay our standard 20% commission to the main firm for sorting the work out for us. With the rest being ours to do as we wished. Believe me when I say I done a lot of wishing back then that I started to believe that there were fucking fairies. The dough disappeared so quickly that I wondered where it all went. Whatever my take was from a bit of work, it was always never enough to get my plan on the go. I mainly relied on the firm that was supplying us the work to come up with one that paid higher dividends…and this one seemed to tick all the boxes.

The three of us made a formidable team when grafting together, I can honestly say the best team I’ve had the privilege to work with. I was so lucky to have these guys wrapped around me on this one because they were a minority (A rare breed) who still worked to old school principles. We wouldn’t get out of bed for less then thirty grand a piece, that included paying our dues to the firm. No matter how much we got, it never seemed to last us more than six weeks. It was a bit like an addiction where the next bit of work would pay better than the last. Our ambitions were… and I can probably say the same for the majority of active blaggers out there. The next bit of work was always going to be the last job that would become our “Eldorado” (Retirement to the Costa etc)

This work came by associates of the firm we always worked for. Our firm guaranteed me that they were kosher as was the work, so we were to trust them as we did our own team. Our firm were old school gangsters who knew the true meaning of respect. If they tell me someone is okay, then he was, no questions asked. That’s what respect is always about; if I were to question the decision, then that would be classed as being disrespectful. For those of you who have just starting to read my blogs, then I suggest you read them all. In them I’ve explained how respect is gained, so give them a butchers because they make interesting reading.

Getting back to the story, it would be a nice little touch if it went according to plan. In my case this was the best bit of graft since I was involved with that diamond heist back when I was just fourteen. Back then I was far too young, stupid, impressionable and was a prime target to be taken for ride? Amongst all the bad shit that happened to me back then, I learnt a valuable lesson that there would never be a repeat of what went down back then.  (DUNPECKHAM Chapter two THE GREAT DIAMOND HEIST)

For sure our take from this work would last a lot longer than six weeks, as I’ve already said it would be enough to set me up, providing I spent it wisely and stayed away from the pubs and clubs and harebrained schemes.

After my introduction to their trusted contact I alone was briefed thoroughly of the job in hand. Our contact Fred would sort out everything we needed for the work. All work that came to us via the firm was handled very professionally especially when it came to planning. As I have said the guys and I worked with each other really well. They were to know pretty soon what rolls they were to play. Once we all knew what our rolls were we would become one, always watching each other’s backs. As I said earlier it was the other two I had to really keep in the shadows, all because they were users. They were only there for muscle, driving and cleaning up behind us.

Because I was given the work, I was the one in charge. Along with that responsibility I had to make sure our bosses got their share. Also with that given responsibility, if anything went wrong with our team then it was my neck for the chopping block. Up to date we had worked together really well with each of us having the utmost respect for each other. I felt really comfortable working with my pals but not the other two.

Sadly I am sorry to say that my two pals are no longer with us today but this blog will keep their memories alive. None of them died natural deaths, with one being murdered and the other committing suicide…or so they say. So in a way this blog is a tribute to those guys, my real pals who stuck by me through thick and thin. Some of you reading this must think that the way I am telling this story about the men that we may resemble a Special Forces squad. I must admit we did work in a military format that could be contrived as a military operation. Given different circumstances no doubt we would have made one hell of a fighting unit. They say forces personnel while on front line duties treat and look out for one another like family. Each geezer becomes brother, dad and uncle to each other…a real tight family. That was us all right, one big happy family our only difference being, we went round robbing and looting the establishment.

Some of you are probably thinking he’s making a meal ticket out of his criminal exploits. Well I know what I’m about and that is to tell you guys a story based on my life. If I’m milking it, then you think about it because you must be enjoying it, after all you’re the one’s who are reading this. As I have said a few times now I was brought up and taken under the wing of some very infamous people aged just ten, so that’s my excuse. Also at that time I can honestly say I knew no different.

We travelled to a rented place on the outskirts of the town where the work was to be carried out. Apart from our place being isolated it had been well equipped for our stay with transport, food, drink and of course all the tools required for the job.

This bit of work had been put together by the two firms and believe me this was big. To make this work happen and to succeed, both firms had to be involved. I was picked specially for this one because of my abilities to work to a plan and do as I was told. Even though I had a quick temper I was not considered a loose cannon, the type who would forget or disregard consequences. Another reason was that the team I worked with had a lot of respect for me.

With this type of work, for the moment information on what, where and why was limited only to our contact and me. My guys had respect for me by not bothering me with persistent questions. They knew the score that everything was on a need to know basis so therefore trusted my every word. That’s a lot of responsibility to carry around especially with our crowd. For example if I told them a place was safe and it turned out not to be and all hell broke loose, providing I had done all I could then I’ll be okay. However if I had been lazy or unfocussed and the shit hit the fan than it would be my neck for the chopping block. If that happened the last words I’d hear would be, “Sorry about this Macky boy but its only business”

On the second night we were visited by our contact; who called himself Fred (With such an unusual name like Fred, you’d think they would have put a bit more of an effort into it ha ha). Personally I reckon the name Fred was just a bit of criminal banter mixed in to show that we were working with people that had a sense of humour. He brought with him a catchment of weapons including a Shotgun, Uzi 9mm sub-machine gun and three 45’s automatics all with extra ammo. I had asked for half a dozen smoke grenades because they are fantastic for creating a last minute diversion.

We all sat in the main living room with the curtains drawn to a close. Our contact had brought along a slide show of the entire job. Amongst the slides there were a few including one of the prize. More importantly they showed two alternatives escape routes, just in case something went pear shape. I felt a lot more at ease working with professionals. They seemed to have covered everything, including stuff that only had a small chance of causing us a problem.

Having a slide show was the safest way to show and explain because where we were was a quiet little town and us lot driving around looking at the target could get us noticed. So the guys opted for the slide show presentation providing there was plenty of popcorn.

Billy, our up-front come muscle man, was sitting playing with one of the 45’s while waiting for the slide show to start. Bill was a completely fearless head case; the type of geezer who would shoot you in the face if you cut him up in traffic. However to have him on a bit of work with you, he’ll almost guarantee your safety. If you were in a tight spot he was the type to let you get away while he stayed behind to hold the fort. But with people like Billy you had to be able to control him in a way that he did not realise what was happening to him. Over the years I had managed to suss out a way of working Bill whereby he didn’t use too much violence. I hated having to use it while on a bit of work and nine times out of ten we didn’t have to use it. However on some bits of work you’d sometimes come across a hero who’d end up getting a clump with a gun butt for trying his luck. With most, one look at Billy’s threatening mug was enough for them to comply.

Now you have an idea where we are going with this story and I can assure you next week we fire into a head load of trouble.

Stay tuned

Ta-La for now