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Johnny Mack – The Diamond Heist Part 1

Here is Johnny’s third blog post to London Boy Followers and it’s a cracking read at that ! !Johnny talks of a £2.5 Million pound diamond heist, that took place rite at the beginning of his criminal career at the tender age of just 14 years old. Here we go…….

Hi Guys

Before I write my next instalment to my weekly personal blogs here at London Boy, I would like to just add a piece on our trademark, marketing campaign…Thank you all for your comments and feedback on my two previous postings. I was very humbled by some of your opinions and just want you to know that I am very gratefull that you took the time to contact me. For those of you that have been following the progress on the making of London Boy, then you would of noticed that we are spreading our wings.

London Boy merchandise T-shirt example of our logo upon a clothing garment

The silhouette of the gangster image that is displayed on two of my books is my own trademark. For some time now I have wanted to use it in other ways other than just my books. So I have been waiting on the right opportunity to come along where it could be used for to it’s full potential. Now that my work is now being transformed into script for a major feature film, that wait is now over. As most of you have seen, we have been showing examples of what the logo/trademark would look like on certain merchandise/memorabilia garments such as shirts, ties, t-shirts etc. Products that look like those above. The response and feedback from you guys has been absolutely amazing and now our design team, headed by David Gwilym, is working flat out to make this project happen. But as I’ve mentioned, it’s you guys and your invaluable feedback, without which we would not have a clue what would be the best and most suitable design for our trademark and logo. What might look good for me, may not look right to you; so doing this type of real-time survey via our facebook  page, is the right option to ensure we get this right, for you guys, the and followers and fans.

So a BIG THANKS from all of us at the London Boy offices !!!

The Diamond Heist Part 1

Diamonds from the Heist

Diamond Heist London Boy gangster Johnny Mack L carried out at just fourteen years old

Just imagine having a small sack of diamonds put in your hand, worth at today’s prices a cool tune of £2.5 million? Just imagine the thoughts that would come into your mind? As an adult it’s accepted that you would the common sence of the value of what you had in your hand. As an adult you would instantly know what you could buy with such a large amount of money. If you were stupid, ugly and alone you could blow the lot on extravagant stuff,like a top of the range sports car or three. Along with a fucking huge mansion with a lift installed taking you up to eight marbled floored en-suite bedrooms fitted with gold taps. Having that money would attract a model type girlfriend, who tells you that she loves you so much that she needs gold credit cards just so she can buy nice clothes to look good for you. And let’s not forget her top of the range sports car; yours wouldn’t work for her because they are not pink in colour. Or, on the other hand you’re a shrewd bastard who could make that sort of money earn you a greater fortune, because you know the in’s and out’s of money investment. Yeah great, it’s a nice thought but what’s the point with imagining all these scenarios I hear you say?

Well I’ll tell you shall I? Because these scenarios have been going through my head since the age of fourteen. so I have one more scenario for you to consider, what if, what I have just said at the beginning of all of this happened to a 14 year old kid? Yes a big bag of diamonds obtained (nicked) by Tony Hudson who was just a kid himself handed the bag of diamonds to an even younger kid (Me) to get rid of through my contacts within the criminal fraternity.

At that time I was active as a criminal by being taken under the wings of some of the most infamous gangsters of South London. Because of my age they had me running around dropping off the odd parcel or two amongst other things, but never anything such as armed robberies that would come later in life. At the time of the diamond heist there were only two people I could of taken the stones to. They were respected in the criminal society and even though I was just a kid they would never of ripped me off. When Tony handed me the stones the two trusted gangsters were not around to handle such a massive bit of business. One of them was in HMP Parkhurst doing a ten stretch and the other was in the States working a car-ringing racket. I knew the one in the nick was no good to me and the other I had no idea on how to contact him. I did try by asking his family, but because of the nature of his business abroad he had gone to ground. With his gangster credibility his going to ground meant he was off the radar, no one could find him.

Because of the situation with not having the right people to take the stones to and Tony being in need to unload them pretty quickly, I found myself in a right predicament. There was a snake of a geezer called Eugene Maloney (Brother of Frank, who managed the boxer Lennox lewis who is now a woman, long story). Eugene was the type to sell his soul if he had one.but more about him later. I knew a geezer called Gordon Bone, he was about 28 years of age and had a few connections within the criminal fraternity. These associations with the gangsters came about by way of him being a roadside mechanic. He would repair their Jaguars and Bentleys and also do a bit of ringing (sell stolen cars etc.) for them.  because of my love for cars I had worked with him in the past repairing them. Also on the odd occasion I’d help him steal a few cars to order for the car ringing operation.  He would also hang out with me on weekends driving one of the posh cars he was repairing and passing it off as his own when we would pull a couple of birds.

When I think back to those days, what was a 28 year old man hanging around with a 14 year old kid? It wasn’t as if he was a nonce because he was heterosexual and anyway I would of killed the bastard if he tried to cop for me. No, it was because he was useless when it came to pulling a bird, where I, being a market trader, as well as being everything else I was up to had plenty of chat up lines. So that was the connection with him and it was him I introduced Tony to in the hope he could help in the shifting of the stones.

Our first meeting with Boney (Gordon’s nickname) went something like a scene out of a comedy show. When Tony produced the stones to Boney we were sitting in his living room. He took one out of the bag (which contained around 200 uncut stones and examined it, as if he knew what he was doing. I still remember the look on the face of Tony as this prick tried to look impressive. Tony was dealing with stones everyday now and so knew how to identify a stone as there was a technique to it. The next thing that happened should of made us grab the stones and fuck right off out of there. But as I have mentioned we were only kids and our hopes of a big pay day over ruled the stupidity of Boney. He takes the stone, accompanied with a lump hammer and goes into the kitchen. Now the next scene if seen on TV would have you rolling around the floor with laughter. Boney placed the stone on the edge of his stainless steal sink top unit, until and without warning and with us standing behind him, he smashes the fuck out of where Boney placed the stone. Ping, pong and ping that fucking stone bounced off every wall in that kitchen, including the ceiling. Tony cries out “What the fuck is he doing?” Boney manages to find the stone again and repeats his demolition job of his kitchen. Only this time he could not find the fucking thing, it ended with all three of us on our hands and knees searching to no avail. The kitchen unit totally destroyed with water pissing out from the feed pipe to the faucet. After that episode Boney managed to persuade us to let him to take the rest of the stones to a face called little legs. Only Boney and I went to the meeting, which was at this geezer’s house. he looked like the typical Arthur Daley dressed in his Crombie overcoat, forties style hat and brogue shoes. He wore prescription sunglasses and when he got excited about something he would he would put his forefinger and thumb to his forehead and say repeatedly “Oh my Gawd, Oh my Gawd”. When he saw what we had he must of said those words a hundred times. It was arranged that we would make a meet with some would be buyers. The meet was to be at the back of a mini-cab office, which was a front for organised crime. We were told to bring all the stones with us. We now regret that was something we should never have done, but Bogey had influenced us by bullshitting us. At this Time Tony was pretty safe because the stones had not yet been noticed as missing.

We had packed the stones into matchboxes, I’m not sure how many there were, but I’d say around 8-10 boxes filled to the brim. They were put in the trunk of Boney’s car while we drove to the cab office. The next scene would also bring tears to your eyes if you were watching it on a comedy show. On arrival Boney goes to the trunk of the car to retrieve the matchboxes. On doing so he dropped one of the boxes splitting it wide open and the stones were strewn all over the busy road. This was around 9pm and it was wintertime, the only light came from the street lights and car headlights. There we were dodging cars, trucks and buses while we searched for one stone, you couldn’t make this stuff up even if you wanted to. Eventually we gave up on the missing stone, I still think today that Boney had pocketed it. When we entered the office we were ushered into the back room only to be confronted by a very dangerous gangster. I had seen this geezer a few times whilst running errands for the firm I worked for. But he didn’t recognise me, probably because I was just another kid.

Because this is such a blinding story, I want you all to hear it in full and the only way I am able to do that is to tell it in two parts. Part two and the conclusion of the diamond heist will be told next week. So if you have enjoyed this part I can assure you the rest is one hell of a roller coaster ride, especially for two young kids being involved with a mentally retarded scumbag. So tune in for next week’s episode, you wont regret it !

Until then take care and be lucky.


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