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Johnny Mack – The Diamond Heist part 2

Here it is everyone…. The conclusion to the exciting, £2.5M true life, diamond heist that Johnny was involved in whilst just 14 years of age! Johnny wants me to tell the fans to keep an eye out for his next exclusive, next week as it  involves large amounts of counterfeit money and a period where Johnny seriously had to get on his toes and go on the run from the old bill in London…..So here we go

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Hi guys !

Once again here I am writing my weekly blog about certain aspects and situations that have happened during my life as a career criminal. Some of the stories I will tell you over the next few months will come across as humorous, sad and in some parts shocking and gruesome.

When I began to write my autobiographies “Dunpeckham & Landed on the Moon” the only experience of writing I had up to that time had been monthly letter’s home from when I had been banged up in jail; my last sentence being in the mid 80’s. Being in jail back then your only means of contact with the outside world was two small pieces of lined paper issued once per month. Not like today, inmates are spoilt because they are allowed to use a phone daily to contact friends and families. Apart from that they are allowed luxuries’ such as an X-box, TV & DVD player, even a MP3 music player. If that’s not ream enough, they even get an en-suite toilet (We had to use a bucket!) and no doubt they use soft toilet paper. When I was last inside our only recreation was to watch an outdated B movie once per month in the gym. Every Sunday afternoon we had the privilege of watching a re-run of “Match of day” shown on a 24’’ black & white TV set. If you were unlucky to have a seat in the back row, then you would’ve had 300 convicts sitting in front of you jumping up and down each time a goal was scored. I couldn’t be assed watching the TV or film, so I opted to stay in my cell and get stuck in to a good book.

Getting back to my two pieces of lined writing paper, which in fact was one sheet from a school exercise book and then cut in half; so you can imagine the size of each sheet.

As time went by I became a connoisseur at cramming as much as possible into those two sheets. Sometimes it could take me as long as three months to write one letter. I suppose I could have written them over a shorter period but I am a stickler for being expressive and descriptive with my words. Little did I know back then, that today I would be sitting at a desk writing novels, screenplays and of course blogs.

After all I had left school aged 13 and English among other classes was not one of my favorite subjects. Neither was my English master, especially after I had chased that heavy-handed bastard around the classroom swinging a three foot freshly sharpened machete. Out of all the teachers from my school days, he was the one I hated the most. He was always putting me down, telling me I was useless and thick. My argument with him was I would do better if only he’ll lay off from whacking me around the head a dozen or more times each lesson. He’s probably dead now but if he was alive I would have loved to have given him a signed copy of one of my books.  And to add insult to injury I would make sure he had front row seats at the premier of “London Boy” minus the popcorn that he’d have to pay for himself.

Without sounding egotistic or giving myself a gee-up, the “London Boy script” is an absolute fantastic piece of work.  It’s coming along at such an easy pace that Lee Hutcheon (Director) and I are not getting stressed in any shape or form. It has become really enjoyable sitting down each morning to begin another page or five. When we began to co-write this script, Lee said to me as we typed in the first scene. ‘Johnny, we are going to write this script to such an exceptional standard that “London Boy” will become the foundation of a new way for making crime genre movies. Just like Guy Ritchie did when he wrote and directed “Lock stock and Snatch.” Guy took a gamble that paid off handsomely and by doing so he paved a new way for producing British crime movies. In fact he gave the genre’ a complete face-lift with the end result being the first of its kind in a new way of filmmaking. Lee Hutcheon has the same way of thinking by incorporating new and ingenious methods that will not only make the film stand out from the rest but the things he is doing have never been tried before.

The Diamond Heist Part Two

Diamonds from the Heist

Diamond Heist – Part 2 & The Conclusion to this exciting true life story of Johnny Mack – Ex-South London Gangster

Now where was I because as you must have gathered, I’ve got a bit carried away again? Oh yeah the diamonds…Yeah there we were in the rear office of the taxi firm. Tony, Boney and I with this infamous gangster (who shall not be named) accompanied by a couple of his own henchmen. As boney showed this guy one of the ten boxes containing the diamonds, I saw these geezer’s faces light up as one of them slid the box open. It’s amazing what you can find out about a person just by their facial expressions. Theses guys were trying hard not to grab hold of us and start kissing us all over. Because what they saw in that one box confirmed to me that what we had was a right little earner and it was within our grasp. The next thing that happened was one of the other geezers got out his little magnified eyepiece and lifting one of the stones to the light he began to check it. With one eye closed and the other engulfed with the eyepiece I could see the concentration on his face. Remember these stones were not cut yet, so they looked like odd shaped yellow stones. They were nothing like a cut and polished diamond, they wasn’t even transparent as a cut stone would look like. What I found out from Tony was that these geezers were checking to make sure what we had were not industrial diamonds. Industrial stones were no good to anyone unless you owned an oilrig drill. Peckham certainly wasn’t about to strike oil yet, so I was well pleased when the geezer took his eyepiece away from his face and gave a yes’ nod to the main man.

I always remember the fella rubbing his hands together when he asked to see the rest of the stones. When he saw Boney start piling box after box on top of each other, I thought he was about to catch fire through the friction of him rubbing his hands together. Tony and I stood back just watching what was going on around us. We both knew we were out of our depth with this firm because we were just kids after all. The business patter was left to Boney because 1, he was the eldest and 2, these geezers came by way of Bone’s contact with little legs, remember him? (Sunglasses and Oh my gawd x 3) Thinking back if it was left to Tony to talk about the stones such as how many carrots they would cut down too and price etc. Then leaving me to barter a deal I think we would be rich men today. But our age was against us from the very start and what gangster in his right mind would listen to a couple of kids.

The three of us had already discussed before the meet back at Boney’s flat that we were not going to hand over all the stones without first getting a lump sum. We knew it would be hard to put an exact price on them until they were cut and polished, so it was obvious we wouldn’t be coming out of there with a suitcase full of cash.

That’s the thing when you’re just a kid doing a bit of business of that kind of magnitude and that is that you have to rely on your elders. On your own and being that age we were way out of our league. So in our case we had to rely on Bone to sort everything out. Even now I look back on that night and wonder why we took all the stones to the meet. There was no need to because all of the stones were all the same size. Now I know Bone had agreed to hand them all over well before our meeting with Mr. Big & Co. What they told us at the meeting was they needed to get the stones cut and valued before they could pay out a large amount. So therefore they needed all of them, that way we would get the cash quicker. I was not at all happy with that situation and I remember only too well that Tony was of the same opinion. The main man told us a load of flannel as did Bone and the only way to keep us sweet was to give us a payment, but that wouldn’t happen until the following night.

I went home feeling really apprehensive about what had occurred at the meet. Bone knew I wasn’t as stupid as I looked because I had been involved with other gangsters. I had been getting more and more streetwise the more I was around the firm I was doing errands for. It was an apprenticeship of sorts where I began at the bottom rung of the ladder and over the years made my way up.

The following night I was sent down the road to wait for our first delivery. Standing at a predestinated spot a geezer walks past me and at the same time shoves a rolled up newspaper under my arm and calmly said “same time tomorrow.” The paper only contained around four grand, but that was a huge amount of money to me. My father was working for twenty-five pounds per week at that time which was considered good money. After that first payment I never picked up again, after that it was either Boney or Tony or because Boney or maybe Boney’s girlfriend.

Within a week Bone was driving around in a Bentley, Tony had a brand new Cortina and I drove a Lincoln Continental.

Some days Bone and I swapped motors and believe me driving a Bentley was a dream for me. Even though the Lincoln was at that time being used to drive the President of the United States about, I liked the Bentley more.

Things got hazy after that, deals were going on behind my back but I couldn’t prove it. I know Boney worked Tony so that I went without on most deals but when the shit hit the fan Bone took Tony and I for huge amounts of money. Every time I asked about the next payment I would get a hundred pound or so pushed into my hand with a promise of more to come…soon.

We went to a local steak house every night for weeks on end spending a fortune each night. Before the stones got reported stolen or lost’ Tony was giving Boney’s partner one or two or three. Her name was Linda and had a couple of kids from a previous relationship. Bone use to beat the shit out of her and mentally abuse her kids. I won’t go into detail because it still upsets me what he done to those kids. I knew Tony was shagging Linda but only because I was as well lol I bet Tony when he reads this will chuckle. There was a day when Bone was out driving his mother about and Linda was alone at home. I had been in there for a couple of hours enjoying myself when there was a knock on the door; yes it was Tony, coming round for his daily oats. I had to hide in the kitchen while Linda led Tony in to the living room and as soon as she shut the door I was out the front with no Tony none the wiser. Remember we were just kids, Tony was around sixteen and me just being fourteen. It was every school kid’s dream to sleep with a MILF but I can say this now, I was first Tony ha ha ha

Tony had to stay away because the stones were now confirmed as stolen and the top brass in law enforcement were on the case. What I found out later was that they had followed Bone and me for six weeks. They had witnessed us spending extravagantly every day & night, every move we did had been recorded. I had met a lovely looking blond girl who turned out to be a nightmare in the end. I spent most of my time with her and only saw Bone a few times per week to pick up a pittance compared to what he was pocketing. This is when Eugene Maloney tried to get in on the ride again. When Tony was about he kept trying to chat Tony in to going with him but Bone paid some plank to give him a slap. Only this time he tried it with me but he was a snake and still is, so he got told where to go.

I had no control over the money, payments etc, I had no choice but to rely on Bone for my payments (Sweetener) He fed me shit non stop, but I was getting angry now because after a little while the money dried up.

It was at this time that things began to get naughty because Boney had come and got me from home to tell me we had a meet with Mr. Big’s boys. Shows you what a coward he was, having to bring along a fourteen-year-old kid along. I sensed the moment I got into the Lincoln Continental that something was wrong. It would only be a matter of hours before I would find out exactly what that was. There had been a meeting arranged for Bone to meet these guys at a local pub in Peckham. When we got there, no one was there to meet us and after hanging around in the pub for half an hour or so we decided to call it a day. Getting back in to the car I was screaming at Boney because where I had not been given any money for ages, this meet according to him was to be a final pay off. I can remember sitting in the car arguing when a hand came round from the rear seat and grabbed Bone. Attached to that hand was a large knife, which was now pushed up against his throat. I didn’t have a chance to do anything before a gun was pushed in to the back of my neck. We were both told in a moody Scots accent not to turn around, but in those cars the interior rear view mirrors were very wide. I could see the guy quite clearly and knew who he was, but said nothing. We were warned that things had now got hot and all payments were to be suspended and that we were to go to ground. The message was to be conveyed to Tony as well who I had not seen in weeks because it had come on top about the stones going missing.

Bone had pissed himself while that knife was at his throat, though he tried to palm it off as sweat because it was a hot day. The guy got out the car and that was the last we saw him.

On our way back home I asked Bone why was it that things had got hot, after all he had been seeing these guys behind my back. He fobbed me off with another line of bullshit as I got out of the car. I couldn’t sleep that night because it was dawning on me that I had been robbed blind by Bone and this trouble we were in was down to him. The next morning I made my way to the block of flats where he lived, I had a metal pipe tucked in to the side of my jeans just in case he tried anything. My intention was to front him out about the money etc. As I approached his door I had to walk past his kitchen window and it was then that I saw an old bill known to me from our local police station. Shocked I carried on walking along the corridor not knowing what to do. I couldn’t go to Tony because I didn’t know if he was in on it and apart from that, there was no doubt he was being watched by the police. So I waited at the end of the block for the cozzer to fuck off so I could confront Bone. About an hour later he left and I made my way back down the corridor to his front door. He opened the door with that greasy weasel face of his smiling and invited me in. At first I said nothing about the cozzer being in the house and Bone was telling me all sorts of shit about Tony. Obviously trying to take the dairy off him and blame Tony for what’s gone on. I noticed on the wall a framed betting slip showing a win of thousands of pounds. No doubt this was Bones alibi to explain where all his money had come from. But the amount it showed was about ten times what I had been given and even though I was just a kid I wasn’t that stupid. It was then I asked him about the old bill, his face was a picture because he thought no one had seen the old bill leave his flat. I asked him what he was up to inviting of all people a cozzer in to his home. I found out later that he gave the cozzer a diamond probably as a bribe or something. Now it made sense why he had been slagging Tony off earlier because as I said he was trying to take the dairy off him and put it on to Tony.

I knew now he had ripped me off well and truly and picked up a stool to lump him with it. But he had a high-powered gas gun and produced from under a cushion. I didn’t fancy getting shot in the face with that, so I thought I’d have him later when he wasn’t expecting it.

The following Sunday I was walking along the road adjoining the housing estate where I lived. When all of a sudden a beautiful silver S-Type – Jaguar pulled up along side me with three of the biggest geezers I had ever seen inside. As they wound down the window they summoned me over to the car. I recognized one of them from the night in the cab office when we handed the stones over. The other two I didn’t not know from Adam. They were really friendly towards me and asked me to go for a drive with them because they wanted a chat. I remember getting in the front passenger seat and then us driving off slowly. The one in the back done most of the talking; telling me what a good boy I had been and that Bone was causing them a bit of grief by drawing attention to himself by buying a Bentley etc. I also found out how much they had paid him, which only added more confirmation that I had been well and truly ripped off. I now know they were trying to turn me against Bone, but from my reaction they soon realised there was no need to do that because I had already expressed my hatred for him. It was then I asked where we were going to because we were getting close to the Nunhead area. The guy in the front pulled the car over just on the outskirts of a housing estate. As he turned in his seat to face me, I noticed the butt end of a .38 special sticking out from his trousers. He then said to me that they wanted a chat with Tony because the old bill had been making their-selves busy. Naturally I asked why they wanted a chat with him because I had been told to give Tony a wide birth until the heat had died down. And if I go to Tony then I am taking a chance of getting myself seen at his house. I don’t think these geezers had realised how streetwise I was especially for a fourteen-year-old kid. This is when I got really worried because they then said that they needed me to go to Ton’s house and get him out of his house and in to the car. They then said that they wanted to take him down to the coast and hide him out in a flat with a bird until things cooled down. “Just a little holiday, that’s all son’’ was the words they used.

Now I had just found out that I had been skanked good and proper my Boney especially seeing the betting slip. Also I didn’t know if Tony had been part of it all and had me over as well. So there I was being asked to get Tony out of his house for him to supposedly go on a little holiday. I wasn’t your average fourteen-year old kid and I knew what their true intentions were for Tony and it wasn’t a fucking holiday that’s for sure!

I played them along and agreed to do it, even asking if I could go along on holiday with him. So they really thought they had done enough to hoodwink me in to believing what they were saying. As I got out the car the geezer in the front grabbed me by the arm. His gun was now fully exposed as he said to me; we know you have been ripped off son. But if you do this for us, we’re making sure the final payment will go straight to you. That was the carrot on the stick for me to go and do their bidding. I smiled at them and thanked them and said “Don’t worry I’ll get Tony out here in a jiffy” Where Tony lived, it was all alley ways, a bit like a maze and easy to get lost in if you were not sure of your bearings. I knew this estate like the back of my hand. Off I went making my way to Ton’s house making sure I wasn’t being followed. After knocking on the door Tony’s old man answered asking what I wanted. I quickly told him what the geezer’s in the car had said and it wasn’t rocket science to suss out what their true intentions were to be.

I could see the worry on his face as I told him. He thanked me for telling him and told me it would be best if I fucked off sharpish, which I did, leaving the main geezers waiting down the road. I made my way back to my home and it was while my dad was home from working away that I asked him if I could have a chat with him.

When I told him the truth about what I had got involved in and being out of his depth, his only advice was for me to get a job. I suppose me working would prove I wasn’t involved in a big way, which I wasn’t which was down to Bone. After working a little while I heard Tony had been nicked along with Bone. It wasn’t long before it was my turn and on my return from work one night my mother greeted me at the door. “You’re mates are in the other room waiting for you John” My heart was pounding as I entered my front room because there were two plain-clothed detectives sitting in there.

To cut a long story short they told me everything we had been up to and that Tony and Boney had been nicked. But what they wanted was the big boys, they wasn’t interested in me and as good as told me so. But I didn’t know who they were because I hadn’t been meeting them, unlike Boney who had been picking up payments from them on a regular basis. I had only seen them at the cab office and one of the others in the car when they wanted to get hold of Tony. So I wasn’t in a position to tell them fuck all, not that I would. But what I did find out was that I had been well and truly ripped off. Because they kept asking me if I knew loads of locations that Bone had been visiting, obviously meeting points to pick up the money. I knew fuck all about any of it. But when Bone got wind that the shit hit the fan, he decided to give a cozzer a diamond, the reason I am not too sure of. Maybe he was working with them or maybe he was trying to bribe them. But I found out years later that this old bill was only a PC, so why give him a stone? And apart from that where did it come from; was it the one in the kitchen or the one in the road?

I knuckled down after that and started work with the old man. I heard Tony had a result by getting a borstal sentence and I’m not too sure what Bone had got. I do know he was the grass and I’m sure he took a few of the buyers down with him. It also came to light that Bone had a mental age of fourteen, which helped him get a light sentence. Now I know why he hung out with me because he was just a kid in a man’s body.

After he got out he had the front to come back to the estate and one day I noticed him under a car repairing it. I went home and got my air gun and went back to where he was working. With his legs sticking out underneath the car he was working on, I saw his toolbox open with a huge screwdriver protruding from it. I picked it up and knelt down next to him. He sensed someone was there and called out “who’s that?” “Me you grassing bastard” I screamed and promptly shoved that screwdriver right through his leg. Screaming like a kid he struggled to out from under the car and as soon as head became visible I shot him with the pellet gun.

That was the last I ever saw or heard from him. If he did grass up Mr. Big then I imagine he is holding up a flyover now…I hope so.


Some of the places names and situations in this blog have been changed and altered.